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Linear Works is incepted with the utmost passion to produce linear luminaires of the finest quality. With the uniqueness of implementing a modularity concept in linear luminaires by cut length basis, we offer full flexibility in terms of linear lighting design and customisations, hence providing complete solutions with linear luminaires.

From design to manufacturing, product quality is well controlled and assured. With our very own research and development team, Linear Works is ever evolving with the latest technology, continuously innovating and expanding our products to serve various requirements.

At Linear Works, we strive for excellence to present the ultimate experience in linear lighting.

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Linear Works


Linear Works LED modules are designed with 50mm cut length increments. For complete linear profile luminaires, LED modules are fitted into the aluminium profiles with 5mm excess on both ends for wire termination, then with end caps of ≈ 1.5mm thickness fitted on both ends.

The modularity concept provides flexibility for linear profile luminaire lengths required, from a minimum length of 113mm and beyond with a tolerance of +/-3mm.


All Linear Works LED modules come in high colour rendering index (CRI) of Ra>90 and R9>50, giving excellent representation of colours that are illuminated. Colour consistency is assured and controlled with 3-step MacAdam ellipse binning, guaranteeing consistent white light to provide comfortable and pleasant light effects.

A variety of single correlated colour temperature (CCT) selections ranging from a very warm white of 2200K to cool white of 6500K are available to suit different lighting ambience requirements.


Sunrise and sunset can be simulated indoors with Linear Works dim-to-warm LED modules to generate lighting ambience for relaxing moods, whereby the colour temperature becomes warmer as the light is dimmed. Coupled with high performance LED drivers, the LED modules emit a warm white of 3000K at 100% full brightness, which can be dimmed smoothly to a minimum brightness of 0.1% while the colour temperature shifts gradually to a very warm white of 1800K.

The FM10 WD Module single-channel dim-towarm flexible linear LED strip is designed with dimto-warm curve built on board that automatically shifts the colour temperature lower as the light is dimmed, therefore requiring only single-channel control for dimming, which is compatible with leading edge or trailing edge, 0-10V and DALI dimming protocols.


Different lighting ambience by varying the white light CCT can be achieved with Linear Works tuneable-white LED modules. With tuneable CCT range from warm white of 2700K to cool white of 6500K, or from very warm white of 1800K to neutral white of 4000K, moods can be altered at different times to suit applications of the moment.

Linear Works tuneable-white LED modules requires 2 channel control and can be driven with DALI Device Type 8 drivers that utilises a single DALI short address to control 2 or more outputs for change of colour temperature. This reduces the number of DALI short addresses occupied and drivers needed physically, hence accomplishing simplicity and a cost-effective solution.


Linear Works RGB and RGBW LED modules are ideal for providing full colour spectrum lighting. With added white light options of 3000K, 4000K or 6500K to the RGB light array, much brighter colours and more delicate shades can be produced, generating much more variety of colours to meet the most stringent lighting requirements. Especially suitable for entertainment applications, a wide range of lighting ambience and effects can be achieved to create the ultimate experience with colour changing light.